Friday, January 16, 2009

50/50 - SGGC 7" EP

Another grindcore release! I bought this at the champ not too long ago when they still carried good music. I had never heard of this band and picked it up because it was on 625. Its some solid gore style grindcore. About skating of course. I put the last few songs in one file because they all blended together.

PRESSING INFO: Released on Agromosh Records 022, and 625 Thrashcore #127. Pressed on black and red vinyl. Black is common, and red seems a little harder to find. No idea on how many were pressed.

A1 Blood Soaked Security Guard
A2 Skate Gore
A3 Bong Water Vomitus
A4 Wall Ride Waste
A5 Curb Slaughter
A6 Frontside Face Grind
B1 Gator Mutilation
B2 Skitchin
B3 Heat Exhaustion
B4 Lets Joust
B5 Sticky Blunt Stall
B6 Testicular Trauma

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