Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beatnik Termites - Lineage 7"

I'm sitting on my ass, listening to 22 Jacks. Everybody should check out that band. Like now!

OK, now let's get to the blog entry. Beatnik Termites pop punk band that were around since the early 1990's and released a ton of stuff. They added their own blend of bubblegum pop to their catalog which worked in most cases. However there has been a few releases that didn't make the cut to my collection.
Lineage was pretty much a Descendants tribute release. Released in 1996 on Coolidge Records and probably 2000 or so pressed. The first 1000 copies were issued with a pack of crayons (you know, so you can customize your own cover!).

There is only 2 songs, and I do believe they were only issued on this 7". 

1. Suburban Home
2. Minute

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