Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Discount - Singles Collection #2 CD

ARTIST: Discount
TITLE: Singles Collection #2
LABEL: New American Dream
YEAR: 2002
GENRE: Pop punk / emo

Discount was a band that had a pretty big following on the underground punk scene from 1995 until 2000. They released a ton of 7", a few full lengths and they appeared on countless compilations. They also were on quite a few 7" splits as well. This will not be the only Discount release that is featured in this blog. I am a huge Discount fan and I have a lot of 7"'s and a few splits. Allison (the lead singer) went on to be in The Kills

I picked this album up at the champs punk rock flea market for $3. Which is super cheap. It is the second in the series of singles collections. The first one is still available. This release seems to be harder to find for some odd reason.

1 Slant Invention
2 Portrait Of A Cigarette
3 It's Been Years
4 Most Beautiful Criminal
5 History Is History
6 This Rooms Regular
7 Kill Fix (Demo)
8 Antiseptic
9 Fixing Rubble, Building Us
10 Harder To Tell
11 Faithful Elevator
12 Successfully Delirious
13 Crash (Demo)
14 Hit (Demo)
15 Aerial (Demo)


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