Thursday, May 21, 2009

V/A - Double Exposure 2xCD

Have you ever bought a CD off of eBay and had the seller say it was complete, only for them to ship you the CD? The first time I bought this comp that is what happened. Bastards. This was on my want list for some time. Mainly because Lanemeyer was on it. I paid around $5 for it if I remember correctly. It seems to be difficult to find, but I don't understand why. It has a lot of bigger bands on it and was released on Go-Kart Records. Best songs are from Boris the Sprinkler, Grey Area, Lanemeyer, Funsize, Discount. 27 tracks on the first CD, and 26 on the second. A lot of pop punk but also some ska and hardcore.

PRESSING INFO: I would have though a few thousand were pressed, much like the Punk Uprisings comps. But I guess not. Released on Go-Kart Records and Black Rat Recordings.

please click the back cover and read that. That is way to much to type for me at the moment!

I have listed both CD's below for you to download.

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Anonymous said...

Is there any way you can re-up this? I need to hear this Milhouse track. It's not on any other release.