Sunday, May 3, 2009

Broadway Calls - S/T LP

ARTIST: Broadway Calls
TITLE: Broadway Calls
LABEL: Adeline
YEAR: 2008
GENRE: Pop Punk / Power Pop
PRESSING INFO: 500 pressed on clear yellow vinyl. 500 pressed on clear blue vinyl. Also released on CD.

If you havent heard this band, go buy their album now. Its some great newer style pop punk. But not the Ramones style pop punk that gets stale after a while. Its super catchy and a lot of fun. I saw this release at the Championship when it first came out. I heard them on myspace before so I picked it up. I got the yellow vinyl version. I'm still looking for the clear blue vinyl! Also, I looked everywhere and could not find a picture of the clear blue version.

OK I'm off track here. Broadway calls just signed to Sideonedummy Records so check them out when they are in your town! I only included the first track off Side A, and the first track of side B, Because this is still available from the band.

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endless mike said...

If anyone's looking for Broadway Calls vinyl releases, check out They're very nice and can get almost any music title, even if its not listed on their site yet.