Monday, September 29, 2008

V/A - Punk Rock Strike CD (Springman Records 2003)

OK here is a comp I think most of you will enjoy. Mostly pop punk! The label was started by a guy when he was 16 out of his parents garage. The label started to gain a lot of popularity. And for some reason it seems to have died off. When a lot of labels stopped releasing pop punk, about after 2001 or 2002, this label kept doing it. Now a lot of the bands on the label arent very good. Bring back the pop punk! They fucked up the track listing and inserted a piece of paper with the correct track listing. And I don't feel like typing all of the tracks since its pretty easy to read them, but I will type to corrected tracks.

PRESSING INFO: This is still in print. And you can probably get it off of interpunk. Released in 2003 on Springman records. Probably A LOT pressed.

TRACK LISTING: (the corrected tracks)
18. Faded Glory - We Won't be Denied
19. 30 Day Warranty - Song For You
20. Mud - Fallen
21. Shinobu - Shoot the Sky Down
22. The Epoxies - Need More Time
23. Glenn's Army - Fun to be Right

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