Sunday, September 28, 2008

Heidnik - 3 Song Sampler CD (Too Damn Hype Records 2003)

Heidnik - 3 Song Sampler (Too Damn Hype Records 2003)

I saw this band at the sorely missed Why're in New Cumberland PA. It was a metal show and this band was the only good band on the show. I think I paid something around $2 or $3 for this. It only has 3 songs, but there is no shortage on blast beats and brutal metal. I did a front flip and landed on my back during their set. Which I used to do that all the time. I felt it in the morning.

PRESSING INFO: This was released on Too Damn Hype Records in 2003. They made a bunch of shows. And I think for mailorder. But as far as how many, Im guessing about 100-200.

1. Seven Dead and I Laughed
2. To Whom it may concern
3. Paper Doll Shape.

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Sapila said...

Are you sure this was released in 2003? The album on TDH was released in 2002, and was recorded in 2001.