Saturday, May 11, 2013

Knapsack / Stuntman - Split 7"

Here is a great split I recently picked up on my trip to Tennessee. I actually forget what record store I pulled this from. But I do know it was only $2. I had heard of Knapsack before when I was growing up getting into emo and indie music on some comps. So it was a no brainier on buying this.

The only thing I really hate about this release is that the A-side is 45rpm, and the b-side is 33rpm. If it was an accident, than you're forgiven. But if it was deliberate, it was a stupid decision.

However, it makes up for it in music quality. The Knapsack side is a great indie/emo song. This was also my first introduction to Stuntman, and I'll be looking for more of their stuff in the future.

Release on Alias Records in 1996. As far as I know, only released on black vinyl with 1 pressing. It looks like it is still available to buy from the Alias label, so if you enjoy it, buy it please!!!!

Side A - KNAPSACK - Dropkick
Side B - STUNTMAN - Inspiration Please!

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White Goodman said...

This is AWESOME. Thank you so much. I didn't even know this existed. Stuntman is basically Treepople after Doug Martsch left to form Built to Spill. They released 2 full lengths (a self-titled album and "The American Fadeout"), along with several 7"s. All worth checking out