Saturday, October 9, 2010

ARTIST: Various
TITLE: Achtung Chicago! Drei
LABEL: Underdog Records
YEAR: 1995
PRESSING INFO: Black vinyl

OK I admit, I cheated on this one a little. I didn't feel like taking pictures of my LP so I just stole a picture offline of it.

I picked this up at Repo Records in Philadelphia about 2 years back. Tt was $4.99 and I wasn't sure whether I really wanted it or not. But seeing as AYA, Houseboy, and Oblivion were on it I had to take the gamble.

This is the third LP in the series and unfortunately this is the only one I have. Only pressed on black vinyl as far as I'm aware and comes with a booklet. Check out the Houseboy song. Probably one of my favorite pop punk songs.

A good mix of punk rock and pop punk. Seems to be difficult to find as well.

1. Mushuganas - Breaking Tradition
2. A.Y.A. - Twelve Hour Julie
3. The Geezers - Thank You for Smoking
4. Slapstick - Wake Up Stanley
5. Vic Vacume And The Attachments - Toilet
6. Houseboy - Puke is on the Way
7. Apostles On Strike - Good Cop Bad Cop
8. Pinwheel - Ravers Suck
9. My Foolish Halo - D-G
10. Lunkhead - Delia, I Love You
11. Urbn DK - In The Blood
12. Oblivion - She's Moving To Paris
13. Scary Monsters - Full Speed Ahead
14. Lynrd's Innards - Boop Boop Bop
15. Tricky Dick - Climbing
16. Herbal Flesh Tea - Last Call for Combine
17. Nostrilsaurus - Don't Rock the Boat
18. Beardicus Enormous - No Fuckin' Way


Anonymous said...

I ripped and uploaded the Achtung Chicago Zwei CD, which has the first two volumes. You can download it here. It even has a Cap'n Jazz song that didn't make it on their discography.

I have fond memories of listening to Zwei in my parents' basement 16 years ago, dreaming that I could be in a band awesome enough to make it on the next Underdog Records comp.

Frank said...

It was definitely on CD -- I had it in high school. And yes, the Houseboy song is, in fact, the best pop punk song ever.

rob said...

Rob from My foolish halo here...i agree about houseboy...we played with them and they were cool guys

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