Monday, August 23, 2010

V/A - And They Came To Play CD

Whoever said Verizon Wireless internet was a good idea, is a liar. The worst part of that whole ordeal is that I live in the middle of bum fuck Egypt and it's about the only thing we can get. Blame that in your lack of updates. This took almost 4 hours to upload!

Enough of my incessant yammering. How about a long overdue blog entry? Sounds good to me!

Released in 2005 on EEYAHH! Records!!! I'm guessing this was a sampler as it was released in a cardboard slipcase with 2 songs each from 3 bands. Not sure how many were pressed. And I'll be honest, I hate the artwork. It's terrible. But I'm glad I picked this up (don't remember where). It's pop punk / emo that was popular a few years ago. Surprisingly not bad! I believe Dynamite 8 is still around. I couldn't find anything else on the other 2 bands.

Defining Moment
1. Hit The Lights
2. Sorry Garcia
Nothing Less
3. If I Wake Up Tomorrow
4. So Far Away
Dynamite 8
5. House Of Fear
6. One In Ten


Anonymous said...

The cover is a violation of physical integrity!!!
Ha Ha HA

Anonymous said...

Some info on Nothing Less: