Wednesday, January 21, 2009

? & The Mysterians - 96 Tears / Midnight Hour 7"

If you have ever had the privilege, or should I say honor, to browse through my almighty record collection, you would notice that all my records are not all punk. 80% is punk and hardcore, but I have some other stuff in there as well. And since this is my blog, I'm going to bring you the joys of rare doo-wop, soul, and of course, 60's garage punk.

I remember buying a huge box of 45's at norms auction a few years ago for eBay. And I saw this in their and remembered hearing it on the radio when I was a kid. Music critics consider this to be one of the first 60's punk songs. Although I agree its classics 60's garage, there were much more punk sounding bands in the 60's. But I still love this song anyways. I'd like to find a copy that doesn't have the label ripped. Blah

Here is the music video from 1965

PRESSING INFO: Released on Cameo records in 1966. C-428. There are a few different pressings of this release. Mainly different matrix numbers

A-side = 96 Tears
B-side = Midnight Hour

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